Ajax abuse

Don’t get me wrong – I was Ajaxing madly with ActiveX back when everyone was absolutely positive that JavaScript in general was diabolic and not long for the web, and this post isn’t to discourage anyone from using in-page HTTP requests, but rather to use them more wisely. If you have a rotating banner and […]

Pandora’s box…

After years of keeping this blog as un-blog-like as possible, and posting neither opinion nor observation, I’ve finally given in… A new category has been added – Commentary – likely mostly for complaining, but possibly some convo as well. I’ve done the regulars the favor of excluding the category from the index.

Saving references

I see this kind of thing *constantly* on the boards…

Good enough I guess, but how many times do we need to pass the current scope to the jQuery object? How about:

I must be getting old.