Learning Android + Java – Day 215

So I skipped a few days. As of today, I’ve created 6 public Apps published on Google Play. Five have done really well, one has a lot (about 30%) of bad reviews. Here’s a few things I’ve learned so far. 0. There are no functions. This is probably “wrong” on a number of levels, but […]

Learning Android + Java – Day 2

Day 2 I got an email this morning from my friend Steve from the boards, whose done some experimentation with Android and knows Java really well. I’d sent him an email the night before with some basic questions – basically “where do I start?”. He said that Java was close enough to other, similar languages […]

Learning Android + Java – Day 1

Day 1 In previous experience working with languages, frameworks, toolkits, etc, I’ve always thought it much more important to learn the language first, and any supplements (API, framework, library, whatever) after I had a good grasp of the core language. If someone with no web experience asked me how to build an app with Sencha […]

Learning Android + Java – Day 0

Day 0 There’s an agency I’ve worked with for a few years, and have always had a good experience with. They used to do a lot of multi-media stuff, but have moved to the mobile market recently. I continue to work with them on older projects, or CMS and SaaS for mobile projects, and occasionally […]