Create a Virtual Host on Windows

While you can often stick a project in a subdirectory of your htdocs and access from localhost/project, that can be inconvenient (e.g., assume leading slashes from absolute-from-root pathing, like /path/to/file.ext). It’s simple enough to create a virtual host like http://project.local or 1. Open httpd-vhosts.conf (usually in your Apache install directory, under conf/extra… note that […]

WordPress – show post counts for categories and archives in sidebar

Some WP themes show the post count for categories and archives by default, some don’t – to enable or disable them, go to wp-content/themes//sidebar.php find the invocation for wp_list_categories and add (or edit) the following to the query string argument: [code]show_count=1[/code] obviously, use 1 for ‘true’ and 0 for ‘false’ to show post count for […]

Flash Objects and Z-Index

If your flash object is overlaying other elements on your page, set the wmode param in the object markup to ‘opaque’

spend a few minutes on google if you want to know the internals – this post is just the upshot (!)

Basics of Binary and Bitwise Operations

For developers without formal schooing, understanding bitwise operations (and the binary logic behind them) can be hard to understand. Here’s one way of looking at it. First, take your binary number and break it down by digits. All leading zeros can be discarded. So 011010 becomes: 1 1 0 1 0 Then, reading from right […]