The url is structured like so:[encoded URL of RSS feed]

Replace [encoded URL of RSS feed] with the URL of the WP blog you want to fetch posts from. I’ll use mine ( for the samples.

With either method, you’ll get back an object with the following keys:

  • responseData
  • responseDetails
  • responseStatus

responseData has a property called “feed”, which has a property called “entries”, which is an indexed array of objects (so the most recent post would be data.responseData.feed.entries[0]). This is probably where you’ll want to start. Each entries object has the following keys:

  • author
  • categories
  • content
  • contentSnippet
  • link
  • publishedDate
  • title



These must be JSONP requests, due to same origin policy restrictions. If you don’t know what JSONP is, it’s actually pretty simple – take 10 minutes to learn it. A quick google search will yield lots of good descriptions, so I won’t bother trying to explain it here.