Day 0

There’s an agency I’ve worked with for a few years, and have always had a good experience with. They used to do a lot of multi-media stuff, but have moved to the mobile market recently. I continue to work with them on older projects, or CMS and SaaS for mobile projects, and occasionally a traditional site optimized for mobile delivery. They’ve got a really solid iStuff developer, and I’ve done their HTML5 or Sencha Touch web apps, but they’ve been banging around between Android developers for a while, without finding a really good fit. So – I got drafted.

Problem is – I’ve never written a line of Java, and still had a flip phone. I’ve played with lots of programming languages, and while I wouldn’t count myself an expert with a lot, I’ve managed to create functioning apps in C#, C++, and Visual Basic (as well as the web-dev languages that are my bread-and-butter: MySQL, PHP, JS, AS, etc.). How hard can it be? I guess I’ll find out – I’m giving myself to end of the year to see if I can pull off a “starter” project – it’s small, but is (will be?) a real-world commercial app delivered to the masses.

I decided to blog about the process – as Android (and it’s customer base) matures, I’m sure there will be a lot more people with backgrounds similar to mine making the leap. I’m also sure that I’ll run into more questions than answers initially, so if anyone reading these posts has any clarifications, suggestions, snippets, answers or solutions, I’d love to hear them.

So – here we are at Day 0. I just bought Samsung Galaxy SII for development, downloaded my first app, and ordered a couple books (“Java: The Good Parts” and “Professional Android 2 Application Development“) – and just got a message that the shipment will be delayed. With the time frame I’ve got, I can’t wait around – tomorrow, I’ll get started.