For no apparent reason, PHP crapped out on me the other day (wouldn’t load ANY modules – the most obvious error was ‘undefined function mysql_connect’).

I had PHP 5.3.5 VC6, as tells us to use this build when using PHP as an Apache module. So I go to re-install (the plan was just to re-download and overwrite the dlls), but lo-and-behold VC6 is no longer available for PHP 5.3 (which IMO is indispensable for lambda, late static binding, etc).

Finally got resolved by getting the VC9 (zipped) version of apache (from, then just overwriting the VC6 (installed) “/bin/” directory, then installing the VC9 version of PHP 5.3.6 – everything worked fine after.

If you have any VC6 specific add-on modules (like ImageMagick), you’ll need to update your DLLs for those mods, but in my case I use passthru or exec anyways so don’t need the actual Imagick mod.

hope this saves someone some time.