As relates to my previous posts on XHTML compliant flash objects here and here, occasionally you might want a 100% viewport flash application, but allow the browser to show scrollbars if the window is beneath a certain size.

There are ways to do this using JavaScript of course, and in theory setting the min-height of the body css should do it, but of course support for that is limited at best and even in the “better” browsers can show unexpected behavior.

A less than elegant solution is to use the parameters shown in my post about XHTML Flash Object at 100% Viewport width and height, with a few changes.

First, absolutely position the div containing the flash object, and set both top and left to 0. Next, create an empty div just before the flash object, with height and min-height set to whatever value is appropriate. Voila – scrollbars sans script, and a fluid Flash application that fills the browser window.